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 I Don't Miss LLC

True creatives must sometimes venture into a space beyond the "noise" that drowns
out their thoughts. The entertainment industry can feel like a sea of loud voices and talking heads. For creatives, we are the source to cut through the noise to help you hit
your target.
IDM "I DON'TMISS," aims to produce culturally relevant and commercially viable creations that celebrate the inherent art of creativity. We collaborate with some of the brightest minds in their respective fields to create avenues in film, television, sports, and media that were once cordoned off by barriers. As the saying goes, "We won't need roads where we're going."
IDM is our safe haven where we can step away from the madness and invest in our
beliefs, tenets, and abilities to create without inhibition. We are free from naysayers who propagate the noise pollution that has dominated much of the industry. We are IDM, and we have created a space that fosters uninhibited growth of a culture that reflects the world around us. Here, creatives are celebrated, and beautiful ideas from an array of amazing people are nurtured from seed to fruition.

Meet the Team

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